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UrbanCollective Competition Proposal – Bollnow House

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5 thoughts on “UrbanCollective Competition Proposal – Bollnow House

  1. jbrennan0726 on said:

    Love it man! The material tones, light and space are great. Keep this stuff coming!


    • I’ll admit that your diligence to keep updating your own work is inspiring. So thank you.

      • jbrennan0726 on said:

        Well thanks man! What a compliment, I love your portfolio, it is so nice and concise. I really need to make mine shorter, it is just so cumbersome.

      • I didn’t think yours was cumbersome, I mean if you were going into an interview with a printed version I could understand, but for the blog I think its great. The graphic images are really nice, I wish I had been in Dennis’ class to have specific time to work on illustrations like that.

      • jbrennan0726 on said:

        Well that is good to hear, i guess you are always your worst critic. But I need to make a smaller one that will meet most firms 5 Mb limit. It was a great class and it definitely has been useful. I’m sure you got a lot out of Sergio’s class though. It really seemed like it helped you guys a lot theoretically and spatially.

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