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Conscious Fields – Cleveland Design Competition Proposal

The Conscious Fields is a design proposal for the reuse of the Detroit-Superior Bridge in Cleveland, NY. The design is inspired by the visual experiences of Op-Art work, and is an attempt to transform the existing bridge into an opportunistic social landscape using four intervention typologies: surface treatment, nature,seating and art. This neo-op social landscape, defined by the array of opportunistic spaces, is an experience of perceptive continuity. The variety of social mechanisms interacting simultaneously – walking, viewing, playing, biking, sitting, discussing, performing, making, – are not separated by physical architectural boundaries. These perceived, spatial boundaries allow for the interactions on the bridge to be understood differently by each visitor, and ultimately create a phenomenological landscape on the bridge that radically adapts to its occupation. This shifting image of the bridge creates the frame through which an interactive, social artwork emerges.

A Neo-Op Social Landscape.

The Conscious Fields.

The design was submitted to the Cleveland Design Competition on 10.11.12.

Honorable Mention

Design Team: Yuan Yuan, Katherine Zheng, Danielle Lax, Joshua Graham

All of the design submissions can be viewed at:

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    Design was awarded an Honorable Mention.

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